Hatching Baby Chicks on the Homestead – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Spring is almost here and this is when I hear many newbies mention how much fun it would be to try hatching baby chicks themselves. And that’s great! Hatching baby chicks is fun, educational, and rewarding. But, it’s not always just cute little bundles of fluff. Sometimes it’s difficult, and even downright disgusting. So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you exactly what to expect when you have baby chicks hatching.

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Herbal Infusions

Lately I’ve been posting my herbal infusions on my personal page and I’ve been getting a lot of questions. I thought it would be easier to write an article than to respond to each person individually, so I hope this is helpful to everyone. Continue reading

Spring is in the laundry room and the Dark of winter

Spring Chicks

Spring chicks March 2017

It’s a little weird here on the homestead. Yesterday Jeff and I walked through the woods to check out the deadfall from the high winds we had a few days ago. Lots of trees that will hopefully be turned into fire wood. I looked for signs of spring and saw a few little green leaves popping up through the decayed vegetation on the ground. I thought about the black caps and wondered if we’d get a good harvest. I daydreamed about getting some baby goats.

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Naturally Healthy Fruit Trees — Do the Work Now!


arborjet productsWe planted three apple trees this past spring, and while they appear to be doing great, they also seem to have “inherited” the fungus that all of the maple trees have. I haven’t done any testing to determine what it is specifically. I just know it’s fungal and it looks like yuck. My hunch is that it’s a rust disease but I don’t know if rust diseases are common for maples, and they look the same. But I digress… I don’t believe it will kill the trees, but since the apple trees are still new, it may be a little harder for them to adapt. Continue reading

Homeopathic Remedies for Stress

homeopathic remedies

Modern lives are more stressful than they used to be. Stress can lead to many serious health issues so managing it is important. Left un-managed, stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, a weakened immune system, gastrointestinal issues, depression and more. Homeopathic remedies can help you manage stress as long as you know which remedy will work best for your type of stress. Continue reading

Lemongrass Oil Uses and Benefits

lemongrass plant

A couple of months ago I ordered some lemongrass essential oil to make an insect repellent that I never got around to doing. Then I goofed on my Essential Rewards order and got a repeat of the previous month – resulting in two nice big bottles of lemongrass EO. I love the smell of lemon so it isn’t as bad as it sounds, but I wanted to find out a few more lemongrass oil uses and benefits.* Here is what I found. Continue reading