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What is self-sufficiency? Self-sufficiency is the ability to provide for your own needs, without having to reply on someone else. In today’s high-tech, grid-dependent world, being self-sufficient is seen as a form of rebellion. But why? Weren’t our ancestors self-sufficient?

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If you go back far enough, all of our ancestors lived off the land. But more than that, they relied on, and took care of, each other. And while that wasn’t always an easy thing to do, they were free. Today it seems that society as a whole is becoming less and less free. People willingly give up their freedoms to be “taken care of” by the government in one form or another. So what happens when those you rely on to take care of you don’t have your best interests at heart?

If you think the world, and it’s governments, aren’t motivated by money and power, you are deluding yourself. Every world power will happily sacrifice people to gain more power.

The Practical Homestead aims to help you take back your power, in whatever way you feel ready to receive it. Even taking a small step towards becoming to self-sufficient will give you back some of your own freedom – a freedom you are entitled to as a human being living on this Earth.

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