Kat’s Work


I began writing in 1996 when I covered new business openings for local newspapers in Northwest Arkansas. After taking a break to raise five children, I resumed writing, but this time I started writing on the Web.

I am the former editor of LoveToKnow Garden, Herbs, Diet, Dogs and Ski. I have also contributed hundreds of articles and interviews for many other LoveToKnow channels.

Currently, I am editor for Brightline Media, where I manage five websites. I also continue to write garden articles for various sites as well as ghost writing for clients. I also write ebooks for clients and will be writing a few of my own soon, so keep watching for them!

I am a Master Gardener through the University of Florida with over 30 years of gardening experience. I have also studied herbs and supplements for over 20 years. My work appears on over 20 websites and I would love to contribute to yours as well.

Current Accomplishments and Skills:

  • Current editor for Brightline Media, editing and scheduling daily articles for six websites: Family Magazine, Review District, Smart Mom Style, Design Capsule, Frugal Source and Chic Traveler.
  • Copywriter for Hendrikus Organics
  • Medical writer for Bundoo.com and Genemedics.com.
  • Blogger and Social Media Manager for Extreme Food Storage, contributing regular blog posts about food storage, emergency preparedness and self-sufficiency. Includes SEO and coordinating social media posts on Facebook and Twitter .
  • Blogger and Social Media Manager for QuakeKare. Includes daily SEO blog articles and coordinating social media posts for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Blogger and content writer for Fast Growing Trees, contributing weekly blog posts as well as 40 Knowledge Base questions each month.
  • Contributing writer for NaturalHealthSherpa.com researching and writing in-depth articles on natural health.
  • Have created hundreds of Search Engine Optimized articles for numerous clients providing real information as opposed to regurgitated content.
  • Editing skills to develop concise articles that flow naturally from one point to the next. I can turn a writer’s good article into a spectacular article in no time.
  • Garden Expert for LoveToKnow.com. Educated new and veteran gardeners on organic ways to keep their yards beautiful and productive.
  • Site Editor for LoveToKnow’s Garden, Herbs, Camping, Dogs, Vitamins, Diet and Ski channels. Contributed regular articles and expert interviews.
  • Monthly informative Expert Interviews for many LoveToKnow channels including but not limited to Camping, Dogs, Garden, Green Living, Herbs, Organic, Vitamins, Skin Care, Makeup and Diet.
  • Misc. LoveToKnow channels contributed to include: Homeschooling, Pregnancy, Baby and Skin Care channels as well as many others.
  • Extensive training in Search Engine Optimization, HTML, Copywriting, Herbs and Nutrition. I am also a Master Gardener through the University of Florida.

My Areas of Expertise:

  • Health
  • Homeschooling
  • Preparedness/Self-Sufficiency
  • Gardening
  • Vitamins
  • Pregnancy
  • Green Living
  • Herbs
  • Parenting
  • Organic Foods
  • Nutrition
  • Pets
  • Beauty/Skin Care

Former and Current Clients:

  • Brightline Media
  • Bundoo
  • Genemedics
  • Extreme Food Storage
  • QuakeKare
  • Fast Growing Trees
  • Natural Health Sherpa
  • LoveToKnow
  • Demand Studios
  • Baby-Everywhere
  • Baby Corner
  • Pet Style
  • Choosy Homeschooler

Links to My Work:

And many more. Let me know if you’d like a price quote on writing or editing work.

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