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I used to really hate garden gnomes. I did an article a few years back about whimsical garden decorations. Of course, that included garden gnomes. And they were pretty bad. I couldn’t figure out why people liked them.

Then we moved into this house and off the back porch there was a “rock garden”. This was a spot that was sectioned off with landscape timbers and filled in with rock. It was full of weeds and it was a mess. Jeff and I finally decided we needed to do something about it and I had the idea of a gnome garden.

Don’t get me wrong. I still see some really awful garden gnomes. But I am more and more seeing some really cute and unique ones, too. I decided our “rock garden” would be a gnome garden and I am hoping to add a few more gnome gardens around the property.

We started by cleaning out the mess in the garden spot. Jeff brought the wheel barrow over and we removed all the rocks, weeds and ancient landscape fabric that was in really bad shape. Then we covered the ground with new landscape fabric.

The next day we bought the rose granite and filled the area. We saved a few of the larger, more interesting rocks and we also added a section of tree that has a spot that looks like a doorway. Eventually we will add a door to that spot and make the stump into a gnome house.

Our future gnome house - as soon as we make a door.

Our future gnome house – as soon as we make a door.

We also visited the Burlington Garden Center. They always have an abundance of whimsical decorations. It was hard to not go crazy! So many cute ideas. We visited a couple of other stores as well and I had to temper the urge to buy ever gnome and fairy I saw. I wanted the space to look nice, not like a garage sale.

We added a couple of gnomes, a few pots of pansies and even a couple of fairies. Jeff had a great idea to hang a wind chime low over the garden, and it turned out great.

Gnome Collage

So here is my problem. I need two things to make this garden feel complete. First, I want a cute gnome that is fishing. I want to make a little “pond” for him to sit at. Second, on the other side of the steps we have the garden extended. There is a stump in there with a hole. I want a little critter that fits in the hole so he can peek out. Maybe a squirrel, chipmunk or bird. Something cute.


See that hole? It needs a cute little critter coming out of it.

See that hole? It needs a cute little critter coming out of it.

Your mission, dear readers, is to send me your gnomes! Not literally, of course (though how cool would it be to have a gnome garden with unique gnomes from all over the country?). But show me where I can find what I am looking for, and maybe even places where I can find unique gnomes for future gnome gardens.

Help me out here! Post in the comments or on my Facebook page.

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  1. Gnomes are cool. I use to have a set of three, but two have got broken, so I only have one lonely lost gnome out there.

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