Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth: A Review

 Stephen Sinatra, Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth

I really love to read and I’m trying to make more time in my day to just relax with a good book. I’m not a big fiction reader, however. I like reading books that I will learn from. Books that help me grow as a person.

Recently, I won a copy of Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth
by Tommy Rosa and Stephen Sinatra. The main theme of the book is the story of Mr. Rosa being fatally hit by a car. He left his body and was shown by a “teacher” the many lessons of living a healthy and fulfilling life. Several weeks later when his teacher was done instructing him, Mr. Rosa was sent back into his body to implement these secrets for the improvement of his life as well as the lives of those around him.

After each lesson, Dr. Sinatra discuses the validity of each one based on studies and his experience as a doctor. He has a scientific basis for the benefits of things like grounding, meditation, positive thinking, self-love and other important lessons for life.

I’ve never put a lot of faith in stories of people dying, going to heaven and coming back, but there sure are a lot of cases where people report this happening. Maybe there is something to it. Regardless, the lessons in this book are too good to ignore whether you look at them as spiritual guidance or medical facts.

For example, Mr. Rosa’s teacher tells him that the Earth has vibrations that help to heal the body so it’s important to take some time to really get in touch with nature. Walk barefoot through the grass, hug a tree, whatever. These things raise our own vibration, helping us to deal with the stresses and toxins of modern living. You can use this time, called grounding, for prayer and meditation and you’ll benefit with less pain, less stress, better sleep and more.

Dr. Sinatra agrees wholeheartedly with this advice, recommending at least 150 minutes a week for grounding. That’s a little more than 20 minutes a day. It shouldn’t be too much effort to spend 20 minutes a day outside, right? He explains that we are all electrical beings and the cells of all things resonate to a particular frequency. The function of our muscles, our hearts, our immune systems all involve electrical currents. He then mentions a study that showed that connecting to the Earth’s energy (measured at 7.83 hertz) increased the velocity of blood and improved oxygen delivery to the body’s tissues. This reduces cardiovascular risk, among other things.

This is just one example in the book and I won’t go into a lot more because, well, there’s a book for that. 😉 . But I appreciate how so many things that are considered “new age” or even “occult” are actually backed by scientific studies. Maybe there’s something to all this new age stuff after all.

If you want to learn more, I highly recommend that you get a copy of this book. You may have a different concept of God than the writers, but the lessons presented transcend religions.

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