5 Quick Tips for Migraine Headache Relief


As someone that has suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember, I’d like to offer a few tips to try when you first notice your pain is increasing. You need to act fast because waiting, at least for me, will mean a full blown migraine. And that’s the last thing you want.

  1. Drink a glass of water. This is the first thing I do when I start feeling pain. Often headaches are caused by dehydration, even if you do not feel thirsty. This may be especially pertinent if you drink a lot of caffeine, which tends to cause dehydration.

  2. Eat some protein. This is something I do when I haven’t had protein at the previous meal. Protein can help stabilize your blood sugar which, if out of balance, may be triggering a headache.

  3. Supplement with magnesium. Some studies have shown that a deficiency in magnesium, which can be caused by too much caffeine, can trigger headaches and migraines. Magnesium can be purchased in a powdered form that is dissolved in water. Include some calcium with this to help relax your muscles.

  4. Have a caffeinated drink. Yes, caffeine can trigger migraines, but it can also help ease the pain if all else fails. In fact, many pain killers that are designed to treat headaches contain caffeine. If I’ve tried the other options and I find that I still hurt, I reach for a cup of coffee or black tea.

  5. Exercise. If your pain isn’t too severe, a walk or a few stretches can do wonders to increase blood flow and work out stiff muscles.

My latest discovery in my migraine battle is my essential oils. Peppermint, lemongrass, lavender and M-grain all help to a certain degree. I’ve also found that a drop of Thieves pressed into the roof of my mouth makes a surprising difference. My Essential Oils Desk Reference suggested this and it works pretty well. PanAway and Deep Relief also help. Interestingly, the Desk Reference also says that migraines may be caused by colon problems. It suggests a colon cleanse so I’m considering the Cleansing Trio Kit and some of the other Young Living products that are great for cleansing. A good cleanse does way more than just help minimize headaches! (A topic for another post)

Sometimes you just have to take a pain killer, but this shouldn’t be considered a failure. If you hurt you shouldn’t feel that getting relief is a cop out. Try the tips above as soon as you notice that slight, nagging pain. Don’t wait until you can’t take it any more, as this may be too late to get fast relief.

If you find that these remedies are ineffective, by all means take something for it whether it is an over-the-counter medication or a prescription. Then lay down someplace quiet and relax. Allow your body the time it needs to feel better and you will find that you are more productive than if you try to power through it.

photo credit: migraine-headache-pain.jpg via photopin (license)


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