Solutions to Food Insecurity in an Unstable World: Make Food and Medicine Yourself

We’ve been living in an increasingly industrially reliant culture, and we’ve relied on fast food, disposable goods, and cheap gasoline. It’s been our normal for a very long time.

But normal isn’t what it used to be. Enter Covid, and now we are seeing the consequences of this consumerist lifestyle. Food insecurity, shortages, and shipping bottlenecks show us how dependent we are on “the system.”  Do you feel secure?

Woman with protection face mask and gloves shopping at supermarket. Coronavirus concept.
Woman with protection face mask and gloves shopping at supermarket.

Food Insecurity

Not surprisingly, people are worried about their security in various forms, particularly in the case of food. Seeing empty grocery store shelves can be a bit scary, and understandably so. How long could you survive with just the food you have in your home?

If you’ve been storing food long-term and building your prepper pantry, you may be okay for a while. But now is the time to start planning a sustainable garden to keep you and your family fed, regardless of supply chain issues.

After we moved from our 100-acre homestead, I had pretty much given up on the idea of self-sufficiency. I can’t raise animals here on just under two acres because of zoning. I’ll admit feeling a bit down about seeing my dreams slip away, even though I love my current home. As a result, I gave up on this blog.

Recently, however, I started reading about food forests and permaculture. I have realized that I can still strive for self-sufficiency, even without raising animals. This year I hope to start a food forest, and I hope you will join me on my journey. We can learn together!

Grow Your Own

One way to be more self sufficient, wherever you live, is by growing your own food and making the things that you would normally buy at the store. The more you can make yourself, the less worried you will be about empty stores

This year I will strive to offer more ‘make your own’ type articles as well as information on canning and preserving what you grow so you can enjoy it all year round. We’ll talk about gardening, but also foraging and maybe even some articles about hunting and fishing. Even if you live in an apartment, you can have more control over the foods available to you.

I have written about herbal remedies before, but this year I hope to go more in depth. We’ll have herb profiles, uses, and ways to use them in foods as well as specific medicinal preparations. To be clear, however, I don’t give medical advice. I’m an herbalist and Reiki master, but I am not a doctor. If you have specific medical concerns, please see a professional in that area.

What Would You Like?

With the changes that I’m making to this blog, I’m also hoping to create some videos and start a YouTube channel. But I’d also like to know what YOU want to know about self-sufficiency. Tell me what you want to see! What are your questions? I will do my best to answer them for you.

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