New Baby on the Homestead

Welcome to the world!

Welcome to the world!

Wow, what a day. We decided to put clean straw in the birthing stall today because we knew Molly was going to have her baby soon and we wanted to get ready. Well, we have some amazing timing.

Just hours after cleaning everything, we noticed Molly acting funny. Jeff locked her in the birthing stall with some fresh hay and water and we went in the house so he could get ready for work. I fixed his lunch as usual and we walked out to check on Molly before he left.

There, we saw a slight protrusion from her back end. She was having her baby! Jeff tried to get a vacation day so he could stay and help if needed, but the boss wouldn’t go for it. So he left and I was on my own with Molly.

the beginning

When Ma had Flash, she did it in the middle of the night, so this was the first goat birth I had the opportunity to attend. I was worried, since this was Molly’s first, too. She didn’t want me to leave her so I kept petting her and talking softly. It was no time at all before she pushed out her new baby boy.

hello world

This little guy is a mini Alpine. He is half Alpine and half Nigerian Dwarf. He is really going to be a pretty boy, I think. I love him to pieces but I was really hoping for a girl. Oh, well. Maybe the next one. πŸ™‚ Molly only had one baby, which was disappointing but not unusual. First fresheners, goats who give birth for the first time, often only have one. Next time, she may have twins or more. We shall see.


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  1. Yay baby! We were thinking of having goats when we started our little homestead but go back and forth about it. None of us have had anything with goat milk products, so perhaps we should try that first. If we don’t like it, no sense it keeping a goat. Congrats on a healthy new addition.

    • Thank you. πŸ™‚ You may be able to find someone locally to let you try some goat milk if it is legal to sell where you live. Here, we cannot sell it legally but just over the line in Illinois, it is okay (which is silly in my opinion, but I won’t get into that here). Years ago I tried canned goat milk. Once. It was horrible beyond horrible. Later, I had a goat person tell me fresh is nothing like canned, and that was very true. Fresh is sweet and delicious and worth a try. You could also consider meat goats if you are okay with butchering. I had thought about that when I lived in Colorado, but just never had the opportunity to make it happen.

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