Birds, Birds and More Birds!

This is what we were greeted with Thursday morning.

This is what we were greeted with Thursday morning.

We really have a lot of birds. And I am not talking about the wild ones either (though we really have a lot of wild birds, too). I am talking about birds on our homestead. I think they are taking over. Continue reading

Eggstraordinary Amounts of Eggs

lots o eggs

Wow do we have a ton of eggs! The chickens are finally laying again and, even though we lost a few over the winter, we are getting way more than we can eat. See all those eggs in the picture up top? That’s after Jeff took 2 or 3 dozen to work for people.

We also got a couple of coupons from one of our local grocery stores for free eggs. And I can’t turn down free. Continue reading

C – Chickens on the Homestead

Chicken Collage

Today’s A-Z Challenge post is the letter C. Chickens seemed like the natural topic because they are easy to keep and, in some places, you can have a few in your backyard even if you live in town. Raising chickens is a step toward being more self sufficient.

Chickens are pretty easy to keep. They need a draft-free coop as well as clean food and water. Food can be commercial feed from the farm store or it can be kitchen scraps, grass, bugs, worms… chickens will eat pretty much anything. Continue reading

The Great Egg Hunt

Our Flock 2013

No, not for Easter. This is sort of a year round thing on the homestead. Currently, we have 14 layers and, even though my husband built them a beautiful nest box, they seem to like laying eggs in odd places.

We have found eggs in the bushes, in the other barn in an old… um… I don’t know what it is. Some sort of contraption that should probably be in the trash.

My husband even found some in a box of stuff for electrochemical bore cleaning. (Do NOT ask me what that is. I have no clue. I asked Jeff what it was. That’s what he told me. It belonged to his dad so I assume it is related to guns. That’s all I can tell you.) Not necessarily a great place to lay a pile of eggs.

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Spring on the Homestead

30 new chicks and 3 ducklings, 03-07-2014

30 new chicks and 3 ducklings on 03-07-2014

Well, according to the calendar, it’s Spring. I am not sure I’m buying it though. There are still piles of snow in places, I still have to wear four layers in the house to stay warm, and we are still getting freezing temperatures.

Oh well, I guess that’s Spring in Wisconsin.

On the other hand, I can see the grass, even if it is still brown. And, one of the first signs of Spring for me – we have chicks!

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