easter bonfire

Happy Spring! I know that spring started a few weeks ago, but I have been a little preoccupied lately.

We had our first bonfire of the year on Easter Sunday. I really love to watch a good bonfire. Those flames are like art to me and my husband, being awesome at building fires, is my favorite artist. The embers were so hot, they looked like an enormous pile of glowing rubies. So beautiful; it’s hard to keep from reaching out to touch them sometimes.

As I watched the fire with Jeff, I had a little time to relax and reflect. My first thought was how I wished my son and daughter were there to enjoy the fire with us. My grandsons would have loved it. They moved in last April when she was dealing with some issues that she needed a little help with. As exhausting as it was for me to be watching the babies, I think it helped me get through the winter with less pain because I was forced to keep moving. And of course, the snuggles, and hugs and kisses were pretty awesome, too. 🙂 I miss them so much.

I would never underestimate a father’s ability to love their children, but I think you have to be a mom to understand how it ripped my heart out when they had to move back to Florida. My son went with them, which is good for my daughter but about killed me. I still have my youngest, my baby, here. But really, they will all be my babies always. It’s so hard to let go.

On a more farm-related note, we have new baby goaties again. Clarabelle had 2 beautiful babies (male and female) on Jeff’s birthday (March 5th). We named them Bonnie and Clyde.

Clyde, Bonnie and Clarabelle
Clyde, Bonnie and Clarabelle

Ma had babies on March 31st. When we went out to the barn, she had three and was trying to push out a fourth. We eventually had to call out the vet who pulled out a dead doeling. We were left with 2 buckling and a doeling, but one of the bucklings died a few days later. So now we have Oreo and Cookie.

Ma with her new babies
Ma with her new babies

Jeff also made a nice play yard for the rabbits so they can run around a bit. We enjoyed watching them play before Jeff built the bonfire. Apparently they like our dogs, who were quite fascinated with them as well.

Jellybean, Peanut and Token.
Jellybean, Peanut and Token.

Soon I will be getting my garden put together, too. I feel like I am already behind. I’m having a little trouble getting used to the growing season up here after so many years in the south. But I’ll get it. I have seeds started and lots of plans, so my garden better turn out better than it was last year!

I have to admit, the last several months have been rough. So many things happened and so many stresses were hard to get through. But I guess negative experiences help make you a stronger person, so I keep trying to look for the good in it all.

It isn’t the new year anymore, but it is spring and that means new beginnings. Here’s to hoping all of us have a wonderful year with many opportunities.

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